About BankTexas

The BankTexas Story

A little bank built on a promise of exceptional service.

We trace our roots to the 1890s, when William Lloyd founded a little bank on Quitman's courthouse square. He treated his customers like family, earning the nickname "Uncle Bill." As Uncle Bill's little bank grew and prospered, the goal wasn't to be the biggest bank in the world, but to offer the best customer experience possible.

On January 16, 2013, BankTexas embarked on a new business model. The first steps included adding additional leadership talent and conducting an equity raise to elevate the capitalization of the bank. We are pleased to report that the equity raise is now complete and approximately 182 new shareholders have invested a total of $42 million in the bank. With an extensive and diverse shareholder base of nearly 575 owners, we believe that BankTexas is one of the few true community banks in East Texas.

In December 2012, the bank had approximately $224 million in assets and $189 million in deposits. As of December 2013, total assets were $400 million and deposits grew to $334 million. As you can imagine, we are excited about the growth thus far and the outlook for 2014 is very positive.

The promise of exceptional service includes a commitment to offer customer beneficial products by giving customers what they want to the extent practical. We believe customers appreciate a fair and reasonable approach to banking. Our desire is to establish long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Introducing BTH Bank!

BankTexas is pleased to announce the opening of BTH Bank located at the corner of Central Expressway and Southwestern in Dallas. Intellectual property considerations preclude us from using BankTexas in this market so the bank is named BTH Bank, a division of BankTexas N. A. Our three bankers in Dallas range in age from 35 to 38 years of age and together have over 38 years of banking experience. They embrace our banking model and are excited to share our philosophy on relationship banking with their customers and friends.

Travel with us to Canada!

Travel with us to Mackinac Island!

Do You Kasasa®?

Kasasa is a whole new way to bank. The money you deposit in your Kasasa account is circulated back into the community to help local small businesses and other local citizens. You help take care of the community, and in turn, the money comes back to you in the form of rewards for simple, everyday banking activities that make your life easier.

Some of these cutting-edge Kasasa products that reward you include:

Kasasa Cash®– Enjoy free checking that pays . Earn massive interest and nationwide ATM fee refunds for simple banking activities that also make your life easier.

Kasasa Tunes® –Make your money and ears happy with Kasasa Tunes. Earn up to $25 in nationwide ATM fee refunds every month on top of already-free checking. Plus, you can earn iTunes® or Amazon.com® download credits monthly.